How to properly organize a home office

Do you work from home at least sometimes? Don’t you have a full-fledged workplace yet? We know how to arrange it according to all the rules.

Home office arrangement has its own characteristics: such a place should set you up for a working mood and at the same time be cozy. It is deally, when the office is located in a separate room, but if this is not possible, a part of the living room or bedroom can be allocated for this purpose.

Every piece of furniture that you choose for work should be functional and comfortable. It is especially important to pay attention to the choice of the table, chair and storage space.

Many people wish for engineered wood flooring in their home offices. After all, if you use a high-quality, dried, not infected with rot and treated with antiseptics wood, such floors can last up to a hundred years. Wood floors look very solid and presentable.

One of the central elements of the interior in any office is a table. Optimal size of a desktop for home is 1200 x 600 cm, but more often there are models of about 1200 x 700 cm and even 1200 x 800 cm. Remember that when we leave the table, we usually move the chair back. To do this, there must be at least 35 cm behind the chair (from back to wall). With a swivel chair, this space should be to the side. If your desk does not have a storage system, you can purchase one or more shelving units.

Soft chairs are suitable for real workaholics – they will be more comfortable for those who spend a lot of time sitting. But chairs with a hard seat also have an advantage: their owners will stand up more often. It is better to choose chairs made from natural materials. If you decide to purchase a chair made of fabric, there are special covers that can be removed. Leather armchairs will suit supporters of more respectable and expensive interiors.

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay