What kind of wallpaper to choose

What kind of wallpaper to choose?

Wallpaper affect our psycho and our mood. You cannot be a successful businessman if there are ugly irritating wallpaper at your office or at home, because they will distract you all the time. So what wallpaper to choose?

Thinking about changing the decoration of the walls of their homes, it is easy for the owners to get lost in the choice – it is so great. Paper or non-woven, textile or vinyl – the question “which wallpaper is better” requires careful study. Only after studying this issue is it worth asking for help from a painter and decorator london.

Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of each of these types.


The main advantage of such wallpapers is a huge variety of prints and shades that can satisfy every taste. Moreover, manufacturers are constantly working to improve the performance of the material for such wallpapers.

For decades, paper wallpapers have been universally recognized also due to their low cost, environmental friendliness, breathability and ease of gluing by painter north london.


By its appearance, non-woven fabric as a material for wall cladding allowed to reach a new level of interior decor. They are favorably distinguished from the usual paper ones not only by their appearance, but also by the finishing process.

The technology for the production of non-woven fabric is similar to paper. The cellulose, textile fibers and binder polymers included in the composition provide it with increased strength and breathability.

Another undoubted advantage of such a cladding is ease of installation and maintenance. The canvas is applied dry to the wall smeared with glue, smoothed from the center to the edges.


The class of wallpaper based on paper or non-woven with PVC is usually called washable. They can be smooth, with a flat pattern, or with expressive relief.

According to its composition, PVC repels fat, is resistant to moisture, salts, alkalis, acids.

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay