Accessories are an indicator of success

Accessories are an indicator of success

What can tell us about a successful person looking at his image? High-quality and fashionable clothes, trendy shoes and a bag, expensive watches and of course accessories. What jewelry can show a woman’s status and give away her little secrets that she wants to tell others about? These are definitely charms.

The habit of decorating themselves has been inherent in women around the world throughout the entire history of human development. But some elements of jewelry do not play the role of not just decoration, but also a kind of amulet that helps to avoid envy and negative influence. The essence of charms is easiest to explain in one single word – pendants. They can be of very different shapes. They are usually collected in the same style.

The charm bracelets were a real hit in the 2000s. All girls dreamed of a Pandora bracelet and searched for pandora sale uk, they collected pendants, and their own unique set could be considered a real trend. Do you want to know me? Decipher my secret message hidden in a set of charms! Love for charms began even earlier: many began to dream of such a bracelet after the Disney cartoon The Little Mermaid. In one of the episodes, the main character had just such a bracelet – and although the obsession with human fashion did not bring the poor thing to good, for some reason we still remember her charms with a teddy bear and a ballerina.

The stylists’ advice in this matter is divided, as usual, into two opinions. The first is that fashionable charms for bracelets should emphasize individuality and not be tied to any one direction. The second opinion is based on the fact that all pendants should be in the same style and this is how you can create a sense of elegance and intelligent chic.

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