If the creditor threatens the debtor, is it extortion?

Sometimes, during negotiations on debts, a situation arises when a representative of a bank or a microfinance organization not only actively and persistently demands from the debtor to pay off the overdue debt, but also accompanies his claims with various threats. In extreme cases, it comes down to quite wild phrases. Hearing such words from a person who finds himself in a difficult financial situation, there is a feeling that it is not the debt established by the loan agreement that they are demanding to repay, but that they are extorting a certain amount of money in a bandit manner.

Until recently, on the question of whether the demand of the creditor to repay the debt, accompanied by the threat of violence or destruction of property, extortion or not, one could meet different opinions of specialists in the field of solving debt problems. Some considered such actions to be extortion, others adhered to the opposite position.

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Image by Krzysztof Dzwonek from Pixabay