Why do the magnets we bought need to be magnetized

Why do the magnets we bought need to be magnetized?

It is difficult to find a person who does not know what a magnet is. More precisely, that a certain metal-like piece can magnetize various iron objects to itself, as well as mutually magnetize or mutually repel from another magnet.

Even the most powerful custom alnico magnets inevitably demagnetize over time. With an optimal operating mode, the service life of magnets can reach several hundred years, and simple ferrite products retain their properties for decades. The specific timing depends on the characteristics of the alloy and a number of other indicators. Certain effects can lead to a simultaneous loss of magnets of their qualities.

Why are magnets demagnetized?

– Heat. Standard classes of neodymium-iron-boron alloy cannot be used at temperatures above + 80⁰C.

– Mechanical effects. The powder structure of the material can be damaged when dropped on a hard surface at high speed or, for example, when struck with a hammer.

– Faults when cutting or drilling.

– Exposure to an external magnetic field. However, it is simply impossible to demagnetize an alloy by the action of an external field at home.

So, due to violation of operating conditions, the magnet no longer attracts metal objects. How in this case to restore its characteristics? In other words, if a magnet is demagnetized, then how to magnetize it again? It is better to immediately abandon attempts to restore neodymium magnets, since the production technology of these products requires exposure to an extremely powerful magnetic field. This requires industrial magnetizing plants that are not suitable for home use due to their high cost and high energy consumption. If you need to restore powerful magnets, you can contact the company that has such equipment at its disposal.

Image by skyradar from Pixabay