Funny Wedding Toasts – Groom Wedding Speech Tips

Funny Wedding Toasts – Groom Wedding Speech Tips

Many grooms like to honor their new wives with a wedding speech. These funny wedding speeches often provide great amusement for the guests, and often at the bride’s expense. I have had a lot of experience in writing funny wedding toasts and have compiled this list of tips to help make your groom wedding speech memorable for all!

Tip №1 Never, and I mean never, talk about past relationships. You might think it is hilarious to talk about your bride’s past boyfriends in your groom toast but your bride will definitely not appreciate the humor in it! No one wants to air their dirty laundry, especially not on their wedding day!

Tip №2 Compare notes. Odds are you aren’t the only person who will be giving a funny wedding toast. Talk to the best man, father of the bride, maid of honor, etc. to find out what they plan on talking about. Funny wedding toasts just aren’t as funny when you hear the same story three times in ten minutes. Of course, you could always talk about your version of another story that is going to be told. For example, if the father of the bride speech is going to come before your groom wedding speech, perhaps you could put your funny twist on something he plans to talk about. He may be talking about how great it was the first time he met you- you could talk about how terrified you were to meet him for the first time.

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Tip №3 Find some funny wedding quotes. There are hundreds of them out there. A funny wedding quote is a great way to beef up a groom wedding speech if you aren’t sure what to talk about. Ask your parents for some ideas or do a quick search online to find some inspiration.

Tip №4 Keep it simple! You don’t want to bore your guests with a 20 minute speech, and there will probably be at least two more funny wedding toasts they will have to sit through during the reception. It is a good rule of thumb to keep your speech to between three and five minutes- plenty of time to embarrass your new wife without boring your guests to death!

Tip №5 Consider your guests. Think about the people who will be there to witness your funny wedding toast. Your goal is to not offend anyone. Some people have a great sense of humor while others seem to have been born without one. Also keep in mind whether or not children will be attending your reception. If children will be present, try to keep it as clean as possible!

Writing funny wedding toasts definitely takes time. Don’t try and do it the night before your wedding. Think of it as of similar importance as your vows. You need to plan the things you want to say and have time to compare notes as I mentioned before. A little planning can make your groom wedding speech something your bride will not soon forget!