Tips for a great Bridesmaid Toast

Tips for a great Bridesmaid Toast

As a bridesmaid, you have many duties. If you are the maid of honor, you will probably be one of the many people giving funny wedding toasts at the reception. I have learned through the years what it takes to write a great wedding toast. I have heard some of the best wedding toasts and probably some of the worst wedding speeches of all time. I have the following advice to offer for any bridesmaid giving a toast.

1- Share funny stories about the bride and groom. You want your bridesmaid toasts to be heartfelt and sincere while at the same time entertaining. Perhaps you know a great story about the new couple that they wouldn’t mind you sharing with everyone. Of course, you never want to mention anything that you know the bride wouldn’t want shared with the world. Just add a few funny blurbs about the bride to your wedding toast and everyone will be happy.

2- Add a funny wedding quote. There are hundreds out there to choose from; or, to make it more meaningful, ask the parents of the bride if they have a special quote from one of their funny wedding toasts. The idea of a great bridesmaid toast is to make it about the bride and the people who are important in her life. She will love the fact that you took the time to talk to her parents and get their input.

3- Speak from your heart. Yes, it is entirely possible for funny wedding toasts to be from the heart. There is humor in love and relationships. Bring this out in your funny wedding toast. A sentimental yet humorous wedding toast will be enjoyed by all in attendance.

4- Be influenced by others. By this I mean, seek out the help of other bridesmaids. Knowing that you are going to have to stand up in front of a room of people, most of whom are probably strangers, is probably leaving a decent sized knot in your stomach. You may be completely clueless as to what you want to say. For cases like this, I recommend bringing in the reinforcements for your funny wedding toast. If you can’t think of any great, humorous memories (and this is probably just because you are so nervous and not because you don’t have any), ask for help. Once you get talking with others, the memories will come flooding back that will make a great funny wedding toast.

5- Poke fun at the groom. As maid of honor, you are there to support your dear friend. What better way to honor her during your funny wedding toasts than to mention how wonderful it will be to have a helping hand around the house- from her new husband of course.

6- Write it down! Don’t be afraid to read your speech. Of course, the best wedding toasts are the ones which seem more impromptu so try and rehearse it if you can but it is completely acceptable to read your toast from your notes.

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