Your Dress after the Wedding

Your Dress after the Wedding 

Your wedding day is over, but you still have your wedding gown. What do you do with the dress? Here are a few things you can do with your gown after your big day. The traditional idea is that your daughter will someday wear your dress on her wedding day. It is not common to see brides wear their mothers wedding dress anymore, but if you would like to keep your gown, just in case, here are a cope of ways to store it. First you need to have your wedding gown cleaned and preserve it. Yes, there is a difference in cleaning it and having it preserved. You can keep it in a box and store it or you could do something a bit more glamorous with it and use it as decoration in your home. If you loved your dress, display it.

If you are going on a honeymoon why not take your dress with you and plan a trash the dress photo shoot. For those of you that do not know what trash the dress is, it is a photo session of you and your husband, in a body of water, dressed in your wedding day attire. You will have beautiful pictures and fun memories to cherish of you and your husband as newlyweds. You might be thinking “why would I ever ruin my dress by doing trash the dress”. Trash the dress does not mean you have to ruin your dress in any way, unless you want to. I have asked several brides that have had a trash the dress photo shoot and all of them said their dress was just as it was before the pictures. If you plan on taking pictures in the ocean, you might want to jump in a pool after. It will clean all the sand off your dress and it will be as beautiful as the day you were married. Still not convinced about a trash the dress session? Look at these gorgeous pictures.

Did those pictures spark your interest? They should! You can be as bold with your trash the dress as you want to.

If you have no use for your dress after your wedding, you might want to consider selling your dress. There are a few consignment and resale shops in the Austin area where you can take your dress to. This is a great way to get back some money to use towards your new home with your husband or to buy something you can use on a regular basis. If you are feeling a bit more generous consider donating your dress to a cause or a friend in need. Brides Across America, Brides Against Breast Cancer, and Wish Upon A Wedding are a few of the organizations that help brides in need fulfill their wedding dreams. Not everyone can afford to have the dress of their dreams, but these organizations are trying to make brides dreams a reality.

Don’t leave your dress in the back of a closet to be forgotten. Bring your dress back to life even after your wedding day. Find which best fits you and use your dress for something great; whether it be to bring some glamour into your house, trash the dress, or donating it to a charity you are passionate about.