Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance

Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance 

The first appearance of the bride and groom ,post wedding ceremony, to their reception should be special and attention-getting. Most couples are introduced by a dj and walk in to a popular song or love song. This has come to be an expected entrance from the wedding couple. Unfortunately, this expectation has taken away the excitement from the couple’s grand entrance and produced an anti-climatic experience. The grand entrance should be exhilerating and exciting! For the bride and groom that want to add a new, interactive grand entrance there are some helpful suggestions below.

Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride is a fanatastic idea for the bride and groom to arrive in style! Once the bridal party are done taking pictures, bride and groom can wisk away for a brief adreniline surge ride before landing at the reception site! The guests will love the theatrics associated with the helicopter. One limitation for this grand entrance is that financially the helicopter ride can be expensive. Secondly, the wedding recpetion would have to be outdoors near an open area for the helicopter to land. Regardless of these two cons, a helicopter ride would give the bride and groom the perfect entrance!

Jazz/ Mardi Gras Band

A definite way to get your guests attention without the use of an announcer is a jazz or mardi gras band! Have the band parade into the wedding reception with the bride and groom following. The live music will certainly add enthusiasm and hype to the newlyweds arrival. In addition to the band have costumed paraders waving streamers, mardi gras beads, etc to add color and spark to the wedding parade. Even better, have the bride and groom tossing party beads and wearing festive masks!

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A venue that has a lake or ocean side shore is a perfect location to have a wedding reception and boat entrance. Have the bride and groom whisked away to a nearby pier with a sailboat, yacht, or speedboat ready to transport them to their reception! This makes for a great wedding photo opportunity. Once the boat gets closer announce the couple’s arrival by the boat’s horn or the dj/announcer.


A cute idea for a southern country wedding is to have the bride and groom arrive to their reception horse back! The venue for the reception would have to be outside so the newly wed couple can ride right next the the guests! Have the bride on a white horse and the groom on a black colored horse to match their wedding attire!

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