Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

We talked about bachelorette party games, now let’s discuss bridal shower games. There are plenty of games for the bride to be’s shower. Most of the games are geared towards the guests, but the bride gets to enjoy watching her closest friends and family compete. Usually, guests that win the game get a prize.

Famous Couples game is a list of famous people and next to it is a blank where you fill in who their significant other is. The person to have the most correct answers wins the game. A more interactive game is based on creating a dress made out of toilet paper that you think resembles the dress the bride picked for her wedding. Usually there are teams of two, one person stands there as a model and the rest of the team wraps toilet paper around the model to create a dress before time runs out. The bride then picks a winner based on the dress that most closely resembles her wedding gown.

He Said She Said is a game that closely resembles the previous game, but this is for guests to play. A list is created of things that are said by the groom and bride and the guests have to circle the bride or groom based on who they think said the sentence. Those that are around you and your groom the most have a slight advantage in this game. Another matching game is How Sweet It Is. You have probably heard of this game being played at both bridal showers and baby showers. The host gives out a sheet of paper with the name of a candy bar on one side of the column and a phrase on the second column. The guests then match up the phrase that best fits the name of the candy bar and the person with the most correct answers wins.

The next game is a guessing game and those that know you best will thrive. What’s in the bride’s purse? You have probably seen something similar to this in Us Weekly as “What’s In My Bag”, which is done by celebrities. In this game a list is created of several items with categories that range from 1-25 points each. Guests will check off the items they think is in the bride’s purse. When everyone is done the items in the purse are emptied out one by one then the guests tally up their total correct answers and the person with the highest score wins.

How Well Do You Know The Bride? This is a popular game that gives everyone a chance to show the bride and everyone else how well they know the future Mrs. This is made up of list of questions with a blank line to leave your response. The questions can vary from “what is the bride’s favorite color?” to more personal questions, like “what is her fondest memory of the groom?”.

This last one is not a game; it is an activity. Leave a piece of advice for the bride. This is the guest’s time to impart some wisdom on the bride. The bride can take home the stack of advice cards and read them in her private time or they can be read one by one , by a friend, at the shower in-between each gift that is opened at the shower. This is something the bride will appreciate and she will also be able to keep to look back on.

These games are fun and interactive. It can also help break the ice with a large group of girls that may not know one another. If you are planning a bridal shower these games would be a hit, so keep them in mind. If you are a bride and would like to play any of these games, drop some subtle hints to get the ball rolling.