How To: Keep Organized During Wedding Planning

How To: Keep Organized During Wedding Planning

We all know there are many things that go into planning a wedding. I’ve discussed where to start, how to pick your favorites, and given countless other pieces of advice, but nothing can really prepare you for everything that you will need to keep up with. Only you can make sure things get done how you want them and when you want them, so let’s talk about getting organized. Some of you may be experts at organizing, but for those of you that are already feeling the pressure or would like to have everything as organized as possible this is the post for you.

Start by purchasing a planner, maybe even two. Keep a pocket planner with you for appointments and a bigger planner at home in an area of your house that you will look at daily. You could also purchase a large calendar to write due dates of payments on or your personal timeline of when you would like to book certain things for your wedding.

I know what you are thinking, why can’t I just put my appointments in my phone? You can and you should. Setting your appointments in your phone with an alarm is great when you are making quick appointments, but when your fiancé needs to accompany you to an appointment a last minute alarm on your phone won’t work for him. You can also download a wedding app for phone to keep up with wedding tasks.

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Do you like keeping your accounts balanced? Consider creating a wedding checking account for you and your fiancé. It will be easier to track all of the money coming and going specifically for your wedding needs. A joint wedding account benefits you and your significant other in various ways. You can both adjust to sharing an account and see how you and him/her like it. You will have to communicate with your partner more about where money is spent and on what. If you have other family members that want to contribute to your big celebration they can add to your current wedding funds in one account. A big perk of having a wedding account is that it won’t interfere with your own accounts. Have you ever sent a check to someone and it takes them a while to cash it and it messes with your account? Creating a wedding account gets rid of those issues, but if you prefer not to create an account you can use cashiers checks to make sure the money is out of your account.

Keep a binder of the vendors you are considering or any ideas that you have found that you may want to show to your vendors. Once you start making decisions the binder can turn into a binder of contracts and vendors that you have chosen to help you create your dream wedding. It is great to have everything in one place and it saves you room.