Why Not Wear White Every Day

Why Not Wear White Every Day?

There are a lot of guidelines when it pertains to fashion that it is really difficult to stay up to date with them all. One guideline that seems to be a bit taboo is the using of white as an everyday event, now this does not refer to white with another color, it suggests a pure white dress.

It is believed for some or other unknown reason that white should just be worn in between Memorial and Labor Day, why, nobody can really state. These kinds of rules are sort of ingrained in our blood and even though they might seem not logical there is equally no reasoning or benefit to purposely setting out to break them.

One rule that should never ever be broken is; “never ever use white to a wedding event”! White is solely reserved for the bride-to-be unless similar to several weddings nowadays the bride-to-be is not really wearing a white dress franchesca. However the guideline can just be broken with the bride’s outright true blessing.

Rules there are a couple of practical and practical factors why one needs to shy away from wearing yourself in white from head to toe. If you are a parent of young children, you will know that keeping any color clean and complimentary of spots is practically difficult. So why on earth would you then abuse yourself and use white, it will be an unlimited tension filled day of avoiding grubby fingers and runny noses.

Wearing white can also be affected by where you live! Those who live and work in a dynamic city will all agree that dirt is part and parcel of an easy trip from the home of work. City life is not clean and aiming to keep simply the hem of pure white pants from turning a filthy brown will be a challenge you simply cannot win. If it’s some upper class suburb where lounging at a regional country club summarize your days, well then Viva La White!

So we’ve looked at every negative aspect there is to using white and if you still add in inclement weather into the mix then your white using choices are definitely decreasing fast. But if even these circumstances have not discouraged your desire to use white then clever pairing of dark or vibrant devices will add a special touch. Similarly if you live in an extremely hot climate then white may be all the rage to show those damaging UV rays.